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About Us

It gives us immense pleasure in introducing to you the India Art Olympiad. IAO has always believed in encouraging children to dream big and take challenges that life has to offer, with confidence.

We believe that every child has innate potential. We, as guardians, are always on lookout for ways in which we can bring this potential to light. The two most important factors that can help us in this quest are early identification of talent and for the child to be prepared at all times. If their talents are identified and nurtured at an early age, they can thrive in today’s environment of multiple opportunities. Also, it is important for them to be mentally and physically prepared to give their best across many activities, day in and day out.

We would like to thank respected art teachers for their valuable advice and candid views and also the thousand of students and their guardians for putting together this wonderful event.

Sri Samir Aich

I'm the Judge of India Art Olympiad. All of you perform with your best effort. Previously I've seen lots of wonderful drawings. I am with you.

Sri Subrata Gangopadhyay

This year I'll be the Judge of India Art Olympiad. I feel very happy for this.

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